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Downtown Invest s.r.o.

Downtown Invest s.r.o. was founded in 2014 as an investment vehicle to acquire and develop real estate in the Czech Republic and throughout Central Europe. Downtown Invest employs a global perspective combined with a local expertise to execute on real estate projects of all shapes and sizes. Through rigorous pre-acquisition underwriting and in-depth market analysis, Downtown Invest not only analyses the real estate asset and current market conditions but also its Executive Team evaluates trends, capital markets as well as local, regional and global attributes prior to making an investment.

Investment Opportunity

Investment opportunities with potential for real estate appreciation over time.

High quality

The company seeks investment opportunities in real estate with targeted high quality and best location.

Great location

Our expertise is strategically, operationally and legally applied to the project from the very beginning of the investment.

Investment Excellence

Downtown Invest is a real estate investor focusing on acquiring and developing real estate projects throughout Central Europe with a primary focus in the Czech Republic. Downtown Invest seeks to make investments in high-quality and well-located assets. Primary strategies are:

  1. to acquire, recapitalize and enhance existing, imperfect assets
  2. redevelop broken, obsolete and outdated assets
  3. to develop new assets that the marketplace lacks and demands
  4. notes secured by real estate

Our strategic, operating and asset management expertise is applied throughout the life of the investment, effectuating the value-add process from acquisition to disposition while delivering above market risk adjusted returns.

Downtown Invest

Please contact us with your real estate inquiries, questions and needs as well as investment opportunities


Petr Vasicko


Mr. Petr Vasicko, 20-year real estate industry veteran, resides in and spends most of his time in Charlotte, North Carolina where he serves his native country as Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic. During his frequent visits of the Czech Republic and surrounding countries, Mr. Vasicko realized the existence of endless opportunities of undercapitalized, underdeveloped and broken real estate assets and in 2014 formed Downtown Invest s.r.o. to acquire and develop real estate. Today, Mr. Vasicko formulates the company’s strategic vision as well as oversees acquistion and development activities.

Stepan Polas


Over many years, Mr. Štěpán Poláš has developed a deep and intimate understanding of the Czech real estate markets which shaped his vision for our company and allowed him to realize the existence of numerous opportunities in the underserved real estate markets, and as a result in 2014 with Mr. Vašičko, the other co-founding partner formed Downtown Invest s.r.o. Today, Mr. Poláš represents the company in acquisitions and negotiations, and oversees all legal and other matters. Outside of Downtown Invest s.r.o., Mr. Poláš is a family man who is actively involved in many spheres of sports across the globe.

Michal MalanIk


Sales director exclusively representing the company in all real estate transactions.

Live projects



Riverfront Gardens

The largest residential project in the most desirable location in Zlín.

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